Sir Stelios Haji-ioannou and Sir Christopher Pissarides named Honorary Founding Patrons

The 'UK Cyprus Enterprise Council' has been established in London in the last few days.

With offices in Mayfair and Hertfordshire, the Council has been set up by British Cypriot entrepreneurs and professional people and is intended as a vehicle for the promotion of bilateral trade between the UK and Cyprus, the development of UK/Cyprus partnerships in a variety of fields, as well as inward investment into the island.  

The Council will also support cultural initiatives aimed at enhancing co-operation and economic development between the UK and Cyprus as well as philanthropic causes linked to its entrepreneurial activities.

Announcing the establishment of the Council, Peter Droussiotis, Chairman of its Board of Directors, said:

"The UK is home to a significant number of highly successful and prominent British Cypriot entrepreneurs and professional people of the highest calibre. These people are keen to help strengthen ties between the UK and Cyprus, at every level, and to work with the Cypriot and UK authorities and other UK and Cyprus-based partner organisations in order to promote the development of bilateral trade, enterprise and investment co-operation between these two historically close countries.

The Council has been set up in order to leverage the entrepreneurial talent of the British Cypriot community in the interests of mutually beneficial co-operation between the UK and Cyprus.

I am delighted that Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou and Sir Christopher Pissarides, two of the most prominent British Cypriots, as well as HE the Cyprus High Commissioner to the UK, Mr Euripides Evriviades, have lent their names to this initiative as Honorary Founding Patrons.”

The founding Board of Directors and Secretary will consist of the following volunteers. Additional directors will be added in the future.

Mr Peter Droussiotis, Chairman
Mr Stelio Stefanou OBE, Vice Chairman
Mr Andreas Rialas, Vice Chairman
Mr Noel Josephides, Director
Dr Lakis Andronicou, Director
Dr Andreas Kyriacou, Director
Mr Peter Tasou, Secretary

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Sir Christopher Pissarides and His Excellency the Cyprus High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Mr Euripides Evriviades, have been named as an Honorary Founding Patrons of the Council.

Sir Stelios is a serial entrepreneur best known for his Easyjet start-up in 1995, at the age of 28. Apart from his entrepreneurial activities, Sir Stelios has also launched a number of philanthropic initiatives, through the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, supporting entrepreneurship, higher education and environmental sustainability.

Sir Christopher, Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences, is Regius Professor of Economics, London School of Economics, and Professor of European Studies, University of Cyprus.

‘Honorary Patrons’ and ‘Goodwill Ambassadors’ from diverse backgrounds and with high profiles will be identified and invited to lend their names to the Council and to promote its work.

Taking into account the economic crisis in Cyprus, the Council's initial focus will be on inward investment and bilateral trade activities with an emphasis on Cyprus's priority sectors for development, mainly tourism, energy, the Arts, education and services.

The Council will be entirely independent and will engage with the UK and Cyprus Governments, as well as UK and Cyprus-based semi-governmental organisations and other stakeholders and experts in these fields, in order to facilitate its promotional work.

An inaugural event with the involvement of UK and Cypriot partners is planned for 2014.