The UK-Cyprus Enterprise Council ("UKCEC") has attracted a distinguished group of influential people who will act as Goodwill Ambassadors to promote economic and cultural activity between the UK and Cyprus.

The Council has also established strategic partnerships with several key Cypriot organisations.

The news appears on the UKCEC's newly launched website which outlines the aims of the Council and gives details of the people who are investing their time to help achieve these objectives.

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the Cyprus Stock Exchange have been named as the Council's strategic partners, alongside EPISTEME – The Association of British Cypriot Professionals.

Mr Anastasios (Tasso) Paul Leventis, Chairman of the A G Leventis Foundation and a Director of the Leventis Group of International Companies, has been added as an 'Honorary Patron', in addition to founding patrons Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Sir Christopher Pissarides and HE the Cyprus High Commissioner to the UK, Mr Euripides Evriviades.

A number of high-profile people in a variety of fields which fit with the Council's strategic focus have joined the Council as 'Goodwill Ambassadors'. Their names and titles appear on the website.

The Council's website and logo can be viewed at which has been built by FBRH Consultants Ltd ( The Council's logo, created by M & C Saatchi, shows the fruits of the Cypriot olive tree and the British oak, and symbolises growing together through partnership and bilateral trade.

Several strategic events are currently being planned including a launch event with strategic partners in London, a 'Goodwill Ambassadors' networking reception, 'Focus on Tourism 'and 'Focus on Energy' events, an 'Investment Opportunities Forum' and an Honorary Patrons' reception.

Peter Droussiotis, Chairman of the Board, said:

"I am delighted with the progress we have been able to make in a short time in order to shape and position the Council as the foremost body of UK-based entrepreneurs, professional, academic and business people, for the promotion of partnerships and bilateral trade between the UK and Cyprus.

"Our strategic partnerships with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the Cyprus Stock Exchange have enabled us to join forces with key Cypriot bodies which share our mission and agenda.

"I am also inspired by the calibre of the people we have secured as 'Goodwill Ambassadors' which means that we now have a very powerful network of high-profile people which will underpin our work and enhance the Council's effectiveness, influence and prestige in this vitally important country.

"Our website will be our window to the world but we hope that it will, over time, also become an interactive tool which will enable UK and Cypriot businesses and entrepreneurs to share knowledge and information and to explore commercial alliances, bilateral trade and investment opportunities in both countries."

Stelio Stefanou OBE, Vice-Chairman of the Board, added:

"Since the Council's formation late last year, we have initiated a dialogue with a wide range of influential people in relation to areas such as oil & gas, tourism and culture and education which we see as key sectors for development and in which we will, therefore, develop links and connections.

"Our proposed launch event will be used to spread the word about Cyprus's attraction as a place to invest.

"We have already detected that some interest is being shown in inward investment related to oil and gas. This is a good start but we will work with our partners, our network of ambassadors and other influential people in order to further develop other sectors such as tourism, education, services, the Arts and real estate which are the Council's areas of strategic focus.

"The success of this initiative will depend on establishing important lines of communication with all relevant stakeholders both here and in Cyprus and I am pleased with the effort we have devoted so far to the development of a productive dialogue in this respect.

"Cyprus is going through difficult times and at such times it is important that we do all we can to help, however small or large."