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The information appearing on the Website as Investment Opportunities or Investment Proposals with respect to each project to which reference is made, is simply conveyed to the visitor by UKCEC in the form submitted to us by the interested entrepreneurs. UKCEC has not carried out any due diligence or any form of study and the recipients of this information are advised to carry out their own investigation as to the characteristics of the specific project they may wish to consider further. 

Intellectual Property Policy

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Hyperlink Policy

Visitors of this website can freely use or other WebPages of this Website, as a link in their website without any prior permission from UKCEC under the condition that the website does not produce or promote slander or libel against any legal or physical entity or against any group of people or idea.

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Virus Protection Policy

UKCEC is continuously making every possible effort in order to maintain this Website free of virus. However, it is advisable for visitors to run fully updated anti-virus programs upon entering this Website for their protection. UKCEC will never accept, at any stage, any responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to visitor’s data or computer system which may occur while visiting and/or using this Website or any of its links.

Personal Data Policy

The UK-Cyprus Enterprise Council and its Website are fully complying with the UK Law for the Handling and Protection of Personal Data as well as with the relevant European Directive 95/46/EC. Visitors of this Website understand that UKCEC periodically might collect personal data for statistical purposes.

Visitors might opt to submit knowingly and willfully their personal or corporate data to this Website. Visitors agree that the personal and corporate data which is being collected by UKCEC following such submission p can and may be used for:

- The promotion and realisation of the Council’s objectives as set out in this website

- Consultation purposes to businesses and entrepreneurs

- Marketing and electronic newsletter purposes in relation to UKCEC, its activities and network of subscribers

- Sending periodically informative emails

- Sending periodically questionnaires that recipients are not obliged to answer

- Direct contact over the phone or through mail on issues relevant to the Council’s objectives as set out in this website

Visitors who wish to update their personal information should log on and follow the relevant instructions.

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Cookies Policy

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Changes to the Terms and Conditions Policy

In the event where UKCEC wishes to change or amend the Terms and Conditions Policy of this Website, it will replace this page with an updated version. Therefore, it is the visitor’s responsibility to read regularly this page in order to keep her/himself updated on UKCEC’s Terms and Conditions Policy.