Cyprus is an island steeped in culture and history, blessed with a rich and diverse artistic heritage. Located at a cross-road between Europe and the East, Cyprus has been a cradle of Hellenic culture and of Christianity as well as a bridge between different religions, notably Christianity and Islam, languages and civilisations for centuries.

The island is now, as it has been throughout its history, a springboard of Europe in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Cypriot people’s creative impulse, from ancient times to the present day, is unmistakable in archaeological and modern-day creations in all major constituent elements of the Arts.

We believe that Cyprus is uniquely placed to become a global centre of excellence in the world of the Arts and will work with our Goodwill Ambassadors, appropriate experts, strategic partners, artists, art lovers and art investors in order to explore and develop the island’s potential in this all-important field of human expression.