UKCEC’s programmes and initiatives will focus on strategic promotional and networking events and functions centred on the Council’s strategic aims and sector priorities. These will include:

  • Investment Opportunities Forum – A platform to facilitate interaction between potential investors and enterprises seeking investment in areas of the Council’s sector focus.
  • Private working lunches and dinners – Small invitation-only private lunches or dinners between UK and Cypriot senior business figures, key Government and strategic partner representatives and other key influencers aimed at enhancing UK-Cypriot co-operation in the fields of bi-lateral trade, business, investment, joint enterprises and strategic alliances and policy development in relation to business, finance, innovation and skills.
  • Networking seminars and receptions – Keynote speaker seminars and networking receptions designed to connect UK and Cypriot businessmen and entrepreneurs.
  • “Goodwill Ambassadors” Luncheon Club – A club bringing together the Council’s Goodwill Ambassadors to discuss development strategies and initiatives.
  • Experts Roundtables – Discussion meetings on strategic challenges and opportunities related to the Council’s priority sectors for development led by experts in the relevant fields of activity.

The Council will also seek to develop a virtual interactive UK-Cyprus business and enterprise network designed to facilitate contact and dialogue between UK and Cyprus enterprises and to promote opportunities for commercial and trading partnerships, joint ventures, investment and other business transactions.